~An Hour With You~

The Rainy Days Of Spring

I wonder where all the love has gone,
As I look through my window,
I see the needed rains surrender,
Waters sweet to help life grow.

The rainy days of Spring are like love,
It need only fall in place,
Tenderly softening a worn heart,
Vibrant love lives to embrace.

Precious raindrops flow down and imbue,
Mingled freshness is desire,
A heart in love yearns for touch as well,
Blended loves exist higher.

Love will well over through all the years,
The rainy days of Spring too,
I see love as lifeís esteemed star role,
Love gusts Godís Own Spirit through.

Replenishing love yields hearts newness,
Rains give life to the dormant,
Beautiful all the way is life's love,
Sweet is the key so constant.

I love the rainy days of this Spring,
Blooms and beauty bubbling love,
I pray lifeís love bursts forth with a hue,
Sparkling with gleams from Above.

Sondra McPherson
April 20, 2004©


 Music: "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing"

Permission Granted By Jack Hall