~An Hour With You~

The Rainbow Fairy

Did you know there are Fairies
For every single little thing
The sun, moon and the stars
Rain, snow and every precious thing

So they could sprinkle Fairy dust
Upon every single wonderful creation
For fairy dust makes the sun brighten
The stars sparkle and shine

The most beautiful fairy
Was given a wonderful gift
The gift of being the Rainbow Fairy
The most colorful fairy of all

The Rainbow Fairy is beautiful
With a multitude of lovely colors
She always dusts the rainbow
With brilliant sparkling fairy dust

The Rainbow reminds us of Godís promise
He would never ever in this world
Have another Noahís Ark flood
For with the making of the rainbow

God promised this would be true
Now the beautiful Rainbow Fairy
Will always take care of the rainbow
That God made on that precious day

For now she sprinkles fairy dust
On the beautiful rainbow every day
So when the rain and the sunshine come out
The magnificent colors show Godís promise

Plus shows the Rainbow Fairies
Special love and care for the rainbow
Which has been given in promise to us

©Donna J. Kramer
Dec. 30, 2004





Music: Music Of The Heart

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Permission Given



Assembled By: Donna