~ An Hour With You~


The Lovely Lilies

As the lovely lilies flower arrayed pure white,
And fly high early on in Spring,
A loved one arises to be in our Lordís Sight,
Blessed and adorned life by the King.

As we consider the fair lilies of the field,
Viewing their lovely bouquet tells,
Lifeís arrayed in Godís Glory as He's so revealed,
Never toiling, all new life wells.

ĎTis existence all anew, life in Christ Jesus,
His priceless redeeming Glory,
Resurrection Life is the Lordís Heavenly bliss,
Heís our Love and whole life story.

All the Lordís childrenís promised Hope is with Jesus,
Ever being in His Presence,
Sweetly clothed in Glory in the Lordís Preciousness,
Like the lovely lilies essence.

©Sondra McPherson
March 11, 2003-2004


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Music: "Nothing Can Compare"

By: Rick Founds and Elton Smith
Permission Granted