~ An Hour With You~

The Lord's Sweet Blessings

The Lords blessings,
Shower gently down upon us,
Making eyes weep,
In sheer joy of miracles thus.

Bringing the sweetest of smiles,
Even in the mist of prayer,
Ceasing not in His forbearance,
To show us how much He cares.

He is the sheer sweet fragrance,
The beauty of the majestic rose,
Giving everlasting love,
His path with gentleness overflows.

His touch is glorious,
His love is profound,
Walk along beside Him,
Your faith He'll rebound.

Proclaim God's undying love,
Declare Forever and a day,
He is the mighty Savior,
The Father of love's sweet bouquet.

Gayle Davis
October 18, 2003




Music: Your Love Is Better Than Life

by: Brother Ephraim
Permission Granted



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