~ An Hour With You~

The Little Girl I Found

I found a little girl
Hiding all alone
I asked her what was the matter
She said, please leave me alone

I knew she was the child inside
And I could not leave her there
So I sat down beside her
Then I held her in my arms

I told her that I loved her
I promised that she would
Never be left alone
She cried and then she laughed
She said she loved me too

She said where have you been
I've been waiting Oh, so long for you
I thought that you forgot me
And I'd always be alone

Now I have someone who loves me
I'm so tired of being alone
Now that I found someone who loves me
I think it is time you take me home

I held her in my arms
Kissed her sweet little face
I told her I'm so glad I found you
In your hiding place

Now neither of us will ever
Ever be alone

Donna J. Kramer
My first poem



"Song playing "A Love Until The End Of Time"

by: Jack Hall Permission Granted