~ An Hour With You~

The Light Of God

Throughout some years I've seen darkness,
When it grasped with torments,
And the pain of displacement tore,
My heart in sad laments.

It was anguish I'd never known,
With a shame I knew not,
A devastating act brought shock,
I sat crying distraught.

Blackness with gloom enveloped days,
Until I felt my life alone,
Out of the darkness came a Light,
The Light of God hence shone.

For desperate anguish was gone,
Now there was nothingness,
Nonexistent was I, but God,
Gave me His Worthiness.

Nothingness has a speck of Light,
Oh Beloved Preciousness,
God's love is powerful, Holy,
Awesome seething Brightness.

Yes, know the love of God's with you,
He'll not let you alone,
For I know that no darkness lives,
The Light of God so shone.

God's love burns away life's torments,
I thank Him for living,
Without Him I would never be,
The Light Of God's giving.

ęSondra McPherson
December 2, 2004

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Music: "Soul Purpose"
Azimuth Music
Words and Music
By: Paul Gentry
Used With Permission