~ An Hour With You~

The Legend of Robin Red Breast

A little brown bird,
So a legend is told,
In Bethlehem's stable
Fought to brave the cold.

As the Holy family
Lay sleeping below,
It flew down from the rafters;
To the fireside's dim glow.

For, the flames of the fire
Had started to fade.
So, the bird fanned the embers
Of the fire Joseph made.

Laboring long,
Throughout the night,
To keep the Child warm
Was her delight.

When morning came,
The bird had been blessed
With a symbol of love
For its diligence.

A breast of red,
Such a glorious thing!!!
For the night that it tended
Our newborn King.

2004 by Dot McGinnis

"I know every bird in the mountains,
and the creatures of the field are mine."
Psalm 50:11





Music: "Carol of the Birds"

The Composition Is Copyright
Geoff Anderson
Used With Permission