~ An Hour With You~

The Junk Drawer


When I was a little child
My curiosity would soar
When I visited at gramma's house
And looked through her junk drawer

I never knew what I would find
It held many unusual things
Little buttons...nails and screws
Batteries and balls of string

A tube of glue..A tarnished ring
A hairnet...with holes all around
A long chain...from the glider swing
And a bell that made a weird sound

Some old scissors...with taped handles
A paperweight made of glass
Two straps from gramma's sandals
And ribbons...all rolled into a mass

There were so many things
For me to rummage through
I even found peanuts
And some gum for me to chew

I guess you ...get the picture
I need not tell you more....
So the next time you visit gramma
Ask to look in her junk drawer!

©1998 Judith Johnson Kypta


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Music: "Over The River And Through The Woods"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham~Used With Permission