~ An Hour With You~

The Glory of Autumn

Sun sending subliminal message 'thru the trees-
Stagnant air is chased by a freshening breeze-
Mind and body hearken to the clarion call,
Changing leaves announce the arrival of fall.

AWAKE! Wash summer doldrums from your face!
There's a transformation taking place!
The sky is Cerulean blue-the air is clear,
The time for Harvest gathering is here.

The fresh aroma of apples scent the air,
Pumpkins are hugging corn stalks brittle and bare;
The hay is baled and waiting in the field.
The walnut trees are giving up their yield.

Trees in fall fashion,bright and bold,
Flaming torches of red,orange and gold.
Put your house in order-reap your harvest friend,
Ol' man winter's waiting for the glory of Autumn to end.

Betty C. Daniels


The artwork used in this set is by Penny Parker.
Used with permission.

Lil Kitty, 2001-2003.

Floater java script courtesy of
Kurt Grigg.

Music: "Come Ye Thankful People, Come"
Lassen Technologies
George J.Elvey 1858 Sequenced By: ASimmsJr
Permission Granted