~An Hour With  you~

 The Garden Of Prayer

There is this little garden
Where I love to go and pray
It has a beautiful picket gate
Surrounded by lovely pink flowers

You can feel the hand of God
In His majestic glow
So this is my garden of prayer
Where peace and happiness flow

It's some where I know you would love to go
So if you need a prayer garden
Look within your heart
For God will make you a garden
Anywhere you are

He'll furnish it with flowers
Of pink, blue, yellow and red
They're beautiful colors, in a beautiful bed
A stream for you to look at

And peace every where you go
I know you will find your garden
It's right inside your heart and soul

Donna J. Kramer




Music: Calling Us To Believe

By: Rhesa Siregar and Elton Smith
Permission Granted

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