~ An Hour With You~


  The Finger Of God

Godís created such beauty on this day,
The sun shining brightly,
With painted skies bright blue just to present,
Soft white clouds brushed lightly.

Even His small tender plants are crowning,
Delight feeds their outing,
Upward they grow to spring forth life seeking,
Buds so lush green sprouting.

In their midst, lovely flowers seem to grow,
Vivid blossoms will thrive,
Sweet life unveils each hue once more in flair,
Oh, how God paints alive.

His miracles we awake to amazed,
Grand presents or prizes,
Gifts of God for us to see His display,
We love His surprises


Viewing His perfection brightens our day,
Each dayís Divinely new,
To know The Finger of Godís transpiring,
Brings a bow and Thank You.

©Sondra McPherson
March 18, 2003



Music; "I Thank You Lord"

By: Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Used With Permission