~ An Hour With You~


The Father's Will

Father, fill all with your Love abiding,
Let all know You are residing,
Touch each spirit inside in Jesus' Name,
Godís Willís done as all will proclaim.

Father, thank You for Wisdomís revealing,
In Jesusí Name all come kneeling,
Lifted to You is each heartfelt feeling,
Godís Will's done in Divine healing.

Father, through Your Wordís given Your Life too,
Your Spirit restores bodies new,
With each breath breathed and spoken Word so true,
Godís Will's done e'er bringing us through.

Father, if we need help You hold our Hand,
Through Jesusí Blood we understand,
We see our Lord's Footprints upon the sand,
God's Will's done as He does command.

Father, wherever we are You are there,
We can talk to You in a prayer,
Whatever we need You always prepare,
God's Will's done in our every care.

Father, thank You so much for loving us,
Oh we love You for all You bless,
You gave us Your very Heart, our Jesus,
God's Will's done in His sweet caress.

©Sondra McPherson
January 10, 2004

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Music: "Nothing Can Compare"

By: Rick Founds and Elton Smith