~ An Hour With You~

The End Of The Road

Finding herself at the end
Of the road
She knew what she had to do
Life had given too heavy a load
She just couldn't make it through

She had no hope, no dreams, no faith
She was so overtaken by depression
Turning her back on everything
Taking her life...became an obsession

She didn't care about anyone
Anytime, anything...it was so sad
She had lost all in life
Emptiness, was all that she had

She'd wake up every morning
Cursing each new day
Feeling it had nothing to give
Her husband had left her
Without a warning.............
She had no reason to live

She decided one day to end it
Pulling her gun...from a drawer
Noticing a bible right next to it
She had never seen there before

Then a small voice inside her
Told her to open that book
Though she tried hard not to
She just had to take a look

She turned the pages slowly
While reading, she started to see
Then her eyes fell upon the verse
"My grace is sufficient for thee!"

Tears rolled slowly down her face
The words were becoming a blur
Realizing Jesus hadn't forsaken her
She bowed her head, saying
"Thank you Sir"

Placing the gun...back in the drawer
She fell to her knees to pray
Thanking Jesus for showing, He cared
And courage to face each new day!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright 2004


Music: "I Can See Clearly Now "

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission