~ An Hour With You~


The End Is Near

Lord I have traveled,
This same old dusty rocky road,
Oftí times I have been weary,
I carried a burdensome load.

Yet you were always with me,
Never leaving me all alone,
Somehow, with you I will make it,
Iíll reach my heavenly home.

Over the years, I have grown wearier,
As the roadway seemed to incline,
I had to call upon you more my Lord,
Yet You answered in love divine.

You were forever patient with me,
Giving such love and support,
I know we were together Lord,
We had such a good rapport.

Your hands were there to guide me,
Your arms were there to sustain,
Your footprints showed the path,
Your love was unrestrained.

Now I am getting closer,
To my mansion in the sky,
I will not regret leaving this old world.
Tisí with joy Iíll say my last good bye.

You are my precious Savior,
My Redeemer from above,
You kept me close through the years,
I felt the comfort of Your love.

The time is getting nearer,
Until You are in my sight,
My weary soul is now ready,
I am prepared for the final flight.

Gayle Davis
January 8, 2003 ©

Painting is entitled "The Krusenstern" 
  © by Danny Hahlbohm and is used with permission. 

Color Scroll Bar Scripts  Courtesy of:

Music: There Is A Place

Sequenced By Bob Sorem Used With Permission