~An Hour  With You~

The Dew Has Fallen

I wait the shining of the sun,
Hoping to make it through the night,
Just to glimpse the dawning,
Raises me to new heights.

The day has finally dawned,
My fears begin to subside,
I will be here, forever,
My place is by your side.

The day progresses onward,
The night is drawing near,
Once again my darling,
I share your growing fear.

As the day begins to wan,
Your strength lessens too,
I do not want the future,
To arrive without you.

I hold you in my arms,
As night over takes the day,
I sense the dew falling,
As angels come our way.

You lay your head against me,
Your love you vocalize,
Softly you assure me,
You’ll wait up in the skies.

I close my eyes as tears fall,
You were the rose I found,
God gained an angel,
As the dew fell to the ground.

Gayle Davis
August 30, 2003©

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Photo courtesy of: StockStash

Music: "Good Bye"

Used With Permission

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