~An Hour With You~


Come, For All Things
are Now Ready
- Luke 14:17


The Decision

The battle is raging in the Middle East,
Time is drawing to an end,
If the Lord should come for His people today,
Where would you eternity spend?

The Bible tells of many signs,
And guides us in all our deeds,
Yet we ignore Gods’ Holy Word,
As we try to satisfy our greed.

Heaven is full of wonderful rewards,
For those who follow Him,
We will walk where angles walk,
To forever, be with him.

But for those who refuse to follow Him,
Their lives so full of sin,
They will spend eternity in Hell’s flames,
To their torment, there will be no end.

Now is the time of harvest,
Get right with God today,
If you want to spend eternity in heaven,
Just bow your head and pray.

If you’d rather have these worldly goods,
Then go your merry way,
The Bible says the wages of sin is death,
And one day that price you’ll pay.

Time is rapidly coming to and end,
Eternity is forever my friend,
Heaven’s wondrous beauty or Hells tormenting flames,
Where o’ where my precious friend, Will you eternity spend?

Sherrell Hadden





Music: "Where The Soul Of Man Never dies"

Used With Permission

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