~ An Hour With You~

The color of autumn tells many things,
Speaking all the splendor of God,
Along with His brightness in love He brings,
Magnificent beauties so awed.

Rebirth in life is like autumn breathing,
God's words which are truly speaking,
All beauty so aglow then receiving,
Just as we when we're life seeking.

The color of autumn was made for love,
Itís a wondrous wisp of fresh air,
And it greets our face from way up Above,
Watch sweet petals or leaves give flare.

Each unique undertone and highlight smiles,
Like two in love when side by side,
Look and see all together for a while,
A grand array of love abides.

The color of autumn will gently pull,
Hearts as one feeling for serene,
For loveís in the air new and beautiful,
Oh itís more with brightness and sheen.

Paintings flushed with color exist always,
It seems to be when all love lives,
Beginnings and endings forever days,
As God's love eternally gives.

©Sondra McPherson
October 2, 2004

Copyright © 2004 Grammys Gallery
Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved

Image used is from SXC

Music: "More-R"

Sequenced By: Les Gorven
Used With Permission