~An Hour With You~



The Child In Me
Dedicated To: Sondra

I've been grown for a long time,
But I want you to see and remember,
The fun loving child in me,
The child that thinks with her heart.

The gentle, trusting and sweet natured,
Loving child filled with God's love,
Believing in the good of everyone,
Seeing only the beauty of the world.

Seeing fun and joy in the small things,
Things only a child would recognize,
Giggling and laughing with a friend,
Feeling free from responsibility and heartache.

Sprinkling water on your friend,
Both laughing about it together,
Only your child can have this freedom,
To enjoy the simple and small things in life.

No matter if I am one or a hundred,
The child in me will want to play,
For when there is no child in me,
I know my life here on earth will be over.

Then I know the child in me,
Will be born again in heaven,
So I will be able to have fun,
With my Heavenly Father.

And all my brothers and sisters,
For I know they will always love,
The Child In Me.

Donna J. Kramer
July 30, 2004







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Music: Open Arms

Sequenced By: Jack Hall


Assembled By: Donna