~ An Hour With You~

There upon the old table,
Open to her favorite book,
Lies her precious Bible,
The one to church she took.

A pink rose placed across the pages,
Her favorite flower of all,
She compared the rose to Jesus,
To Him she often called.

The Bible and the rose,
Mother's treasures so dear,
They remain as she laid them,
Though she is gone, I fear.

I sense her close by me,
I look to see if she is there,
I only see the shadows of evening,
Falling across her empty chair.

My heart quickens as I reach out,
To touch her treasures yet still,
They will remain upon the table,
In them, I find a strengthening will.

She is forever gone from me,
Yet I feel her love lingering 'round,
When darkness closes at the end of day,
A new reassurance I have found.

I will cling to the open Bible,
I will replace the dying rose,
When I am reading the Bible,
I will read aloud her favorite prose.

Gayle Davis
October 3, 2004

Copyright 2004 Grammys Gallery -Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved

Image used is from Stock Stash

Music: "Hoping"
Composed and Sequenced
Andy Klapwyk