~An Hour With You~

What would happen if one fine day
God took away our bodies
Which would leave our souls naked
Then no, one would be judged
By their outward appearances

The beautiful, rich and famous
Would be considered no better
Than you and me
We would all be equal

The only beauty, which could be seen
Would be the beauty within
If there was beauty within to see
No one would be judged

By being to fat, thin, short, tall
Pretty, ugly, rich or poor
No one would be judged by what they look like
Being judged only by their inner beauty

Instead of what the world tells us is beautiful
Thin with skin, as smooth as silk
Everyone would come to realize
It's not your outward appearance
That matters, and shows your beauty

It is all the beauty that you have within
For your body is just a temporary shell
And a shelter for your soul to dwell
Until you are judged by God

When He comes in the clouds
To judge our inner beauty
Your Beauty Within

Donna J. Kramer
July 20, 2004







Music: Always

Sequenced By: Jack Hall



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