~ An Hour With You~

The Beauty Of God

God makes everything beautiful each day,
The sun with glowing beams,
The stars sparkling at nights as they twinkle,
The rains falling in streams.

Thereís beauty in Godís creation we see,
Perhaps a new blossom,
Maybe itís leaves opening from the buds,
We know where life comes from.

All life grows as God nourishes His way,
His beauty brings to mind,
Heís the Creator of all living things,
His miracles we find.

I stare in awe seeing He decorates,
I thank Him for splendor,
I look forward to view each masterpiece,
How Godís Hands are tender.

The beauty of God exists in every heart,
Live His Great Love and youíll see,
These sweetest Blessings will ever impart,
Wherever you go, Heíll be.

©Sondra McPherson
June 5, 2003-2004



Music: "I Praise You, My Father"

By: Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Permission Granted