~ An Hour With You~

The Baby In A Manger



Many, many years ago
In a manger far away.
A Baby Boy named Jesus
Was born on Christmas day.

The shepherds, came from very far
To see this Baby Boy,
For He would be a King someday
And He would reign on high.

The little Boy, became a Man
And did His Fathers will,
To bring good tidings to the poor
And today they do it still.

Some did not believe in Him
So they mocked His Holy name,
They nailed Him to a rugged cross
Without remorse or shame.

He died so you and I could live
In peace forevermore,
And you would have a home in heaven
When this life is over.

Ann Hart©
Nov. 28, 2000©



Music: "That Night in Bethlehem"

Sequemced By: Bob Sorem
Used With Permission