The Answer Is Love

Is there a question tearing at your heart,
You cry tears of pain, and that's just the start
As your mind wanders: deciding just what to do??
Then I, indeed, have the answer for you.
The Answer is Love.

There is no pain that Love can't conquer.
There is no suffering that Love can't endure.
There is no hopeless thought, or deed,
That can't be answered down on Your knees.
And the Answer is Love.

There is no problem that we just can't solve,
There is no mountain that just won't dissolve,
If we have the faith of a little mustard seed,
We can move that mountain; as the Lord has decreed.
And the answer is Love.

There's not one feeling the Lord doesn't understand.
We have been the same since time first began.
All we need to do is just hold His Hand,
And let Jesus lead us to the promised land.
And the answer is Love.

So tonight, when you get down on your knees,
Just say a word of Thanks, and ask the Lord, "Please
Teach us to Live; the way we are loved.
Remembering always~~~the Answer is Love."

Karen Payne



Music: "Whispering Hope"

Sequenced By: Dick Anderson
Permission Granted