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The Angel On My Internet

The Angel On My Internet

There's an angel on my internet
And she's there day after day,
Trying to bring a smile to me
And when I hurt, she prays.

She's a very special angel to me
And I love her very much,
She has a very loving heart
And a loving spirit, as such.

I have never really seen her
But I can see inside her heart,
And I know she's very special
And I knew it from the start.

My internet angel's name is Gayle
She means the world to me,
For she loved me for who I am
She helps my spirit to be free.

Thank You my sweet internet angel
For caring the way that you do,
I pray God's blessings on your life
And you know that I love you.

Written By Ann Hart
Aug 8th 2004 Copyrighted
For My Internet Angel,
*Gayle Davis*



Music: All Of My Heart

By: Larry Holder, Elton Smith
Permission Given



 Assembled By: Donna