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~ An Hour With You~

The Age Of Innocence

A young girl is born full of innocence
She believes everyone in the world
Is loving and trustworthy
In her eyes she perceives
Everyone loves everyone else

No one could be heartless or uncivilized
Feels the world is just one big fountain of love
Innocence means trusting, loving without fear
Believing everyone is magnificent and kind-hearted

That no one would ever hurt or humiliate her
Loss of innocence is a mournful time
Especially in a young trusting girl's life
Combined with the strain of growing up

Having to be careful of what she may say
Of what she does, and who she confides in
One of the saddest times in the world
For a young girl

Is the loss of some of her innocence

Donna J. Kramer
May 15, 2004

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