~An Hour With You~

That Magic Moment

Heavenly stars are calling to us,
It’s love’s romantic night,
Glittering moon beams spinning ‘round bring,
That magic moment light.

We glide the heavens filled with color,
Gathered in loves’ sweet eyes,
Then face to face we’re together for,
That magic moment prize.

We hear love’s purling song of treasures,
Singing sweet riches in,
We cherish and cling to forever,
That magic moment wind.

Oh how we feel the instilling love,
Giving glistening gleams,
Sparkles reflecting the bright starlights,
That magic moment beams.

We fly through jeweled shimmery stars,
In pearly gems entwine,
Our heavenly kiss sings and we hold,
That magic moment pine.

Sondra McPherson
April 24, 2004©

Artwork: Prelude to a Kiss  is copyrighted and used with permission
by Josephine Wall

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