~ An Hour With You~


  T hanks be to our great "God" on high
  H e rules the Earth, with a watchful eye
  A llowing good things…for us each day
  N ever forsaking, always there, when we pray
  K nowing each, of our wants and needs
  S ending down blessings, for all good deeds
  G iving us "Free Will" to choose Him …and his Son
  I  nviting us to share in "Heaven" after all is done
  V ictory will be ours…if we live by God's word
  I  nclining our ears, to his voice….we have heard
  N ot forgetting the blessings bestowed, at our birth
  G ive thanks to our "Father" for all things on Earth!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2004

Job 36:11
If they obey and serve Him, they shall
Spend their days in prosperity, and
their years in pleasure.



Music: "You're The Inspiration"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used with Permission