~ An Hour With You~

Teddy Bear Family

I have a Teddy Bear Family
That lives next door to me
They are the very best neighbors
They're all as cute as they can be

There is the Mommy Bear
As pretty as she could ever be
She takes wonderful care of her little family
It is something marvelous you should see

Than there is Daddy Bear
He spends a lot of precious time
Looking for a honey tree
For honey is always on his mind

They have two cute little cubs
A little girl and a little boy
They bear giggle and roll around
Then look to see if anyone else is around

Now they are my best friends
And I'm glad they live next door
What a wonderful Teddy Bear Family
To bad we don't have many more

Donna J. Kramer




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 Music: Everything That Glitters

Sequenced By Bob Sorem
Permission Granted