~ An Hour With You~







Unbidden---they came---unexpected--
Coursing through the crevices of creases
Caused by the callousness of time---and hurt
And you wonder why----why now?--
When everything should be so simple.

Sanguine thoughts of sunny days and
Distant drums of different times---
Easier now--as years dim the fragrance
Of the rose blossoms---
The texture of the softness muted---
The silence unbroken.

And you can't feel the pain--
Can't recognize the cause--
Can't relate to the naturalness of it---
And yet--unbidden they came--unexpected--
And rivers of tears were released--
Tears of sorrow--
Tears of joy--------
Tears of lost loves and broken dreams---
And you.

Karen Payne
Copyright 2003


Music: "Love Lost"

All Original Midi composed
And sequenced by Gecadero
Used With Permission