~ An Hour With You~

Teardrop Angel

There is an angel hidden
Yet she is ever near,
She comes along each time
We shed a lonely tear.

She gently dries our eyes,
With soft angel wings,
Sets our heart in motion,
Helping our spirits sing.

She is ever so tiny,
Inside a teardrop to dwell,
Her wee heart aches,
As with salty tears she melds.

Poor little teardrop angel,
Busiest angel of all,
Racing here and there,
When the teardrops fall.

Put a smile upon your face,
Happiness in your heart,
Let laughter flow aloud,
Give the angel a fresh start.

Look to tomorrow's dawning,
Lonesome the angel won't be,
Many others are shedding tears,
The teardrop angel they'll see.

Gayle Davis©
January 1, 2005


Angel tube courtesy of Sealight's Tubes

Music: "Little Tears"©
Rodney A. Brubaker's MIDI Music
Original MIDI songs written by Rodney A. Brubaker©
All songs are Copyright 2000 - 2004 by Rodney A. Brubaker

Used With Permission