~ An Hour With You~



Many days I remember,
Seeing her sitting there,
Diligently sewing clothes,
For us kids to wear.

She had not the amenities,
Her neighbors possessed,
She sewed them all by hand,
We were so very blessed.

Days filled with work lay ahead,
Cooking, washing, and cleaning,
Yet it all was done on time,
The light in her eyes still gleaming.

A smile upon her tired face,
Never failed to bring us glee,
Children at heart we were,
But in her an angel we did see.

Gayle Davis
September 16, 2004
In memory of my mom who endured a life
of hardships with a smile upon her face, love
in her heart and an unfailing faith in the Lord.

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Music: "Precious Memories"

Sequenced By: Don Anderson
Permission Granted