~ An Hour With You~

Take My Shoes And Wear Them

If I give you my shoes to wear
Itís only then that you will see,
Just how many heartaches
That life has given me.

Until I have walked in your shoes
I might never be able to know,
Just how much you suffer agony
That your face may never show.

If you will loan me your shoes
I will to, let you have mine,
Then we will walk together
With each other over time.

Itís when you give me back my shoes
Only then that you will find,
Just how hard life treated me
And broken this heart of mine.

And when I give you back your shoes
I will bow my head and say,
Thank you lord for allowing me
To walk yet another day.

So many people have crosses to bear
And some may never know,
That when Jesus walked this earth
He walked with no shoes, to win our soul

If we walked in each others shoes
Only then that we might see,
That every one of us has heartaches
And only Jesus can set us free.

Written By Ann Hart
Oct 10th 2004©

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 Music:  "Leisure-Pace"
Original by Jalal Ali

*Jalal's Musical Compositions*
Used With Permission