" An Hour With You"

Symbolic Butterflies

Loving hands gently gathered the cocoon
Placing it in a jar, a child sees life's transformation
From a worm, to spectacular beauty
Loveliness of the butterfly stirs splendid elation

Throughout the years these precious hands
Repeated the task in sweet lesson form
An illustration of new life
Giving hearts to God, a chaste soul is born

God called home three of the children
One by one leaving a mother to grieve
The ashes of one child remained
To be scattered according to her decree

Jesus called the precious mother to heaven
Leaving others to complete the task
Along the white sands where tides frequently flow
Ashes were gently scattered at last

A phenomenon suddenly happened
A butterfly lit upon the white sands
Joined by three other exquisite beauties
As though they were placed by Gods loving hands

Was it a sign from the precious Father
Telling family, they were together once more
An awesome feeling of love swept over
At the magnificent site upon the shore

Gayle Davis
November 11, 2003
In Memory of Margie


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