~ An Hour With You~

Sweet Holy Spirit come now today,
Fill me with power and love, I pray,
Sweet Holy Spirit enter my heart,
Stay there forever, never depart.

Sweet Holy Spirit bless all my friends,
May Your sweet spirit fill them within,
Guide them, protect them from all harm,
Sweet Holy Spirit, please keep them warm.

Sweet Holy Spirit now reigning above,
Descend upon us like a pure white dove,
Fill our cups with a love so divine,
Come and bless this body of mine.

Sweet Holy Spirit on Thee I call,
Keep me from straying, if ever I fall,
Plant in my soul a hunger for Thee,
Make my spirit willing and free.

Sweet Holy Spirit I ask Thee this day,
Help me plant seeds that never will stray.
To help win souls forever for You,
Sweet Holy Spirit what must I do.

Written By Ann Hart Aug 21, 2004
For Jesus.

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Copyright 2004 Grammys Gallery
Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved.

Music: "Born Again"

By: Elton Smith and Elizabeth Tolson
Permission Granted