~ An Hour With You~

Sweet Gifts Of Love

We have the most wondrous Divine Gift,
The Love of our Lord Jesus,
When this Love rests upon our children,
It's just beautiful to us.

We as parents are surely most blessed,
Our Lord gave us our children,
Precious, they're so loving and giving,
Sweet gifts of love from heaven.

From the depths of their hearts they do love,
In so many ways they give,
Loving voices, smiles, laughter, big hugs,
They are joy to help us live.

Many times they’re truly surprises,
Just wanting to help our need,
Calling, sharing, giving their extras,
Sweet gifts of love shine indeed.

Children are God’s cherished gifts to hold,
His and ours they’ll always be,
We praise Him for bestowing so sweet,
These bundles of joy we see.

We hold dear Your precious gifts of love,
And we ask You Lord to bless,
Our children who belong to You first,
Your sweet gifts of love, Jesus.

©Sondra McPherson
December 22, 2004

Photo © by Kim Anderson.

All other graphics on this page are © of Lil Kitty, 2001-2003.

Music: "For The Children Of The World"

Original composition By: Yuko Ohigashi"
Used With Permission