~ An Hour With You~

Serenity in a dreamland lives,
In a mind of wishful fantasy,
And the moon glows in a rare brilliance,
That touches her heart with ecstasy.

Beautiful thoughts of a dream inspired,
Bring visions of life's romantic place,
Smiles and laughter reveal adored love,
The sweet fantasy lights up her face.

Dancing couples holding hands in love,
Whirling to the music round and round,
In the midst of the sweetest flowers,
How the songs of a true love resound.

Such enchantment brings bright glows within,
And her heart longs to be there to find,
The man of her dreams she now glimpses,
While this fantasy’s still in her mind.

As the dream whispers like the wind blows,
How her heart feels the magic of love,
She sees all the wonders that can be,
In life's sweet fantasy land above.

Sondra McPherson
October 29, 2004©

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Music: "Mysterious"

Original Piano Solo By: Yuko Ohigashi
Used With Permission