~ An Hour With You~

Sweet Dreams my princess,
Lay down your weary head,
Peaceful rest awaits you,
Curl up upon your bed.

Close your eyes of deepest blue,
Let your day come to a close,
Greet the sandman in dreamland,
My sweet gentle little Rose,

Dream of your dollies,
Of your friends at play,
Rest precious little angel,
Get ready for another day.

Mommy will be here waiting,
Until the sun shines once again,
Wakefulness will come upon you,
From dreamland you will ascend.

Rise and shine my lovely child,
Day has broken, newly begun,
Greet the world in all of its glory,
You'll have a day filled with fun.

I love you my darling little angel,
God gifted me with a bundle of love,
He created you in the heavens,
Sent you to me from the skies above.

Gayle Davis
November 12, 2004



The painting used in this set is called
"A Kiss To Remember" by Alan Ayers.
Used with permission.

Floater java script courtesy of Kurt Grigg.

Music: "Rock-A-Bye Baby"
Magical Musical Place For Children
Sequenced By: Eugene Hayek
Used With Permission