~ An Hour With You~


Stella So Beautiful

Stella so beautiful shone like starlight,
Was sweeter than a rose or song,
Beaming love throughout where ever she was,
Lovesí sweetheart touched many hearts long.

A love song of beauty beheld her face,
More stunning than all stars above,
As she stood a light radiated warmth,
An inner beauty shone of love.

How she affected all who were in reach,
As her smile and eyes bid sweet dreams,
Stella so beautiful like heavensí stars,
Sparkled any time with moon beams.

Softly floating through the air her sweet scent,
Flowed gently as she walked on by,
A love song was heard playing e'er sweetly,
And all hearts genuinely sighed.

How her glowing eyes showed Godís loveliness,
As they reached in the depth of souls,
For Stella so beautiful lived Godís Way,
As an orchidís beauty thrives whole.

Stella so beautiful is our love song,
Godís own beauty given to us,
Mother is always a song in our hearts,
She blesses us yet with Jesus.

©Sondra McPherson
September 13, 2004



Music: A_Love_Song

Original composition By: Yuko Ohigashi
Used With Permission