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Sounds Of Silence

What deems the silence,
That echoes the night,
Brings forth such sadness,
Closing out the light.

Barriers erected of steel so cold,
Silence halts love given true,
Powerful in its vacuum, deafening,
The sun dims in distant view.

Hearts lay broken, carelessly shattered,
Crushed by the swiftly ricocheting emptiness,
Where love sounds once echoed in delight,
Quietness overshadows all remnants of bliss.

Sounds once again travel the hallways,
Seeking to be heard, to have a voice,
Stopped by the walls of ones own design,
Prevailing silence echoes your choice.

©Gayle Davis
October 16, 2003








©PCJ Designs 11/25/02

Music: "Memory"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
By: Bill Basham Permission Granted