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 ~ AN Hour With You ~


Sons and Daughters At War

Our sons and daughters

Were sent off to fight a war 

Against weapons of mass destruction

And the danger of terrorism

This is what they were trained for


To fight for God and country

In a crazy mixed up world

Trying to help other countries

To be safe, peaceful and free


Our precious sons and daughters

Saying they’d sacrifice their lives

For the right of freedom in the world

This is how true heroes are born


Pray God will send angels

To protect our sons and daughters

At this very dangerous time

Praying the angels bring them home safe


Welcomed home

By their loving families and friends

Whom our sons and daughters love

God bless our sons and daughters

Who protect us and keeps us free


Donna J. Kramer

April 29, 2004



Playing is "Keeper Of The Stars" From
Music by Margi Harrell