~ An Hour With You~


Sometimes I simply feel like,
Giving up the fight,
Then I think of God's love,
And I fight with all my might.
Sometimes when life's a struggle,
And I feel that I can't cope,
I sit and read the ''Good Book,''
And am then infused with hope.
Sometimes the path to heaven,
Is filled with toil and strife,
But I will overcome it,
Because God's in my life.
The Lord will never give us,
More than we can bear,
Because the Lord is generous,
And it's His love that I share.
There's those very special sometimes,
When I do not have a care,
My heart and mind are filled with,
The fact that God is there.
So, cherish all those sometimes,
And hold them in your clutch,
And, remember that the good Lord,
Loves us all so much.

©Rebecca Ann Rence
October 31, 2004


Music: "Hope"

Used With Permission