~ An Hour With You~


But I will hope continually,
and will praise you yet more and more.
Psalm 71:14

Someone Remembers

As long as someone remembers
The way you held their hand,
The kind words you softly whispered
To help them understand.

As long as someone remembers
The way you wore your hair,
The gentle smile that lit up your eyes,
Your memory will always be there.

As long as someone remembers
What caused you to laugh, or to cry,
What concepts caught at your heart-strings
You will never truly die.

As long as someone remembers,
And recalls with a hint of a smile,
The joy you brought into their life
Makes your being here all worth while.

As long as someone remembers
The love that your heart gladly shared,
Who had the privilege to truly know you,
To find, very deeply, how you cared.

Ah yes, I will always remember,
And pass on to all that I meet
The wonderful lessons of life that you
Taught me, for you made my life so complete.

As long as someone remembers
Yes, that is my promise to you
To keep your memory alive in my heart
Where you will dwell my entire life through.

Karen Payne
April 23, 2004

This poem is for everyone who has ever lost
Someone they Love.
For as long as someone remembers.......
They are still alive in our hearts

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Artwork: Solitude
by Lord Frederick Leighton

Flower tubes courtesy of Graphics Galore

Music: "There's Not A Day That Passes"
Rhesa Siregar/Paul Gentry
Used with Permission