~ An Hour With You~


Softly Whisper



While I gaze upon God's beauty,
Whether pinks, a red or yellow,
I know a rose so sweet and fine,
Will softly whisper sounds mellow.

Like small waterfalls play music,
Sing out while the sun glistens bright,
'Tis a kind of serenity,
With colorful hues of delight.

Gentle with a softness alights,
With a fragrance from God that’s sweet,
Oh I ne’er knew a friend's bouquet,
Till there was you, God's rose elite.

While I gaze upon God’s beauty,
It fills life’s essence of dreaming,
Each heart of a rose is His Love,
And sparkles of my friend’s beaming.

Like a song of a hummingbird,
Or the soft hums of a sweet dove,
Friends in concert always stay close,
And forever stand high thereof.

A rose softly whispers to me,
And it speaks of you my dear friend,
I ne’er knew one faithful and true,
Till there was you, my love I send.

*For LadyGayle and Donna*

©Sondra McPherson
December 13, 2004

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Music: "Till There Was You"

Sequenced By: Mel Webb
Used With Permission