~ An Hour With You~


Beautiful little snow bird of God,
Never leaves its home but e’er stays,
Gathering food it caches to eat,
To survive freezing wintry days.

This little snow bird must always know,
Recall hidden storage places,
It loves nuts of all kinds, seeds from weeds,
Eats while awake, darts and races.

Precious little snow bird in the cold,
Sitting on a branch in the snow,
Looking all around hoping to find,
Sunflower seeds that are below.

Elegant and plump little snow bird,
Restless and chirping and twirling,
Brightening our winters flying ‘bout,
Joyful in song always trilling.

This little snow bird’s very friendly,
Hopping about in shrubs on ground,
Airing contentment pleasant to see,
Building a nest in cups shaped round.

Sweet dapper little snow bird in gray,
Like a flannel jacket that blends,
Bounces ‘round like balls of wind blown fluff,
Tells of winter’s delightful trends.

©Sondra McPherson
November 28, 2004



Music: "Snow Bird"

Sequenced By: Bob Sorem
Used With Permission