~ An Hour With You~

Sleep Comes Softly

I held you ever so close,
As shadows of darkness fell,
I sang lullabies to you,
My love for you they did tell.

Little face lay close to mine,
Tired eyes in a drowsy state,
You look to me with love,
For sleep, you patiently wait.

I rock you in my arms,
Thinking of a new day,
Knowing when you awake,
There will be plenty of play.

Sleep precious little baby,
Rest peacefully through out the night,
The sandman has packed his bags,
To dreamland, you have taken flight.

Sleep has come softly,
Your eyes no longer see,
You are in nirvana,
You snuggle closer to me.

I love you precious angel,
You are Godís gift to me,
When the first morning rays comes,
Iíll again thank God for thee.

Gayle Davis
January 15, 2003 ©



Music: "Jesus Medley"
Music by Margi Harrell
By: Margi Harrell
Used With Permission