~An Hour With You~

Secret Sanctuary

Everyone needs a Secret Sanctuary
Where we can be alone and contemplate
Our thoughts, feelings and dreams
Become real, fulfillment need not wait

Sometimes a Secret Sanctuary
Can be found in a beautiful flower garden
Or along a lovely secluded river bank
Watching the water flowing gently

With beautiful birds flying overhead
When our Secret Sanctuary is found
We can pour out all our dreams and wishes
Along with all our happiness and sorrow

Now that we are in our Secret Sanctuary
We will be able to contemplate
Who we are and what we can become
At last when you fine your own

You will find a great feeling
Or solitude and happiness
With a marvelous feeling of God's peace
A sweet harmony and lasting repose

Donna J. Kramerę



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Music:  "I Cross My Heart"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given


Page Assembled By: Donna