~ An  Hour With You~



Lord they expected You to be
A king dressed in royalty.
Instead, in a stable You were born,
Wrapped in swaddling....So forlorn.

But the hosts of heaven were singing,
And they set the bells to ringing!
Because of our Dear Savior's birth.
They knew of Your precious worth!

Even the shepherds came to see,
The Babe who'd trod the shores of Galilee.
The wise men also were guided there
By His star in the East, with much care.

On the eight day You received Your Name,
And soon it would cause You to bear shame.
When they cursed it and spit on You
As You went to the cross to pay my due.

Jesus is a Holy Name to me
I bow down as I come to thee.
Your Birth, I am so thankful for
Because it has opened the door,

For we gentiles to enter in,
And come to You to be Born Again.
Washed in your blood that You did shed
Our Spirit comes alive from the dead!

So it's Your birth that we celebrate today,
Each person in their own way..
I pay homage to You, my Lord, my King,
Because to Your birth I owe everything!



My Father, I do thank You for sending
Your Son, To be born of a virgin..To live
a sin free life.. To go to the cross and
bear my sins for me..That if I accept that
Jesus has done these things, that is what
makes me,

As You say in John 3:3
Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily,
verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be
born again, he cannot see the kingdom of







Music: "O Holy Night_Concert Hall Version"

Performed By: Yuko Ohigashi
Used With Permission