~ An Hour With You~

Sail Away


I wan'na be by myself,
I'm needin' some quiet time,
Puttin' housekeeping on the shelf-
Sayin' bye-bye to grease and grime.

Wan'na make this perfectly clear
To this paranoid world I know:
My end is imminently near-
And I want peace before I go.

Gon'na take a long-long cruise
To the end of the world or so,
Throw myself back and just muse
The advantage of movin' slow.

All of you who depend on me
Gon'na have to take root and grow,
'Cause I'm gon'na be out to sea;
Not at home to anyone I know.

Gon'na shanghaii a three masted schooner,
Catch a prevailing wind and blow;
Settin; sail today-(if not sooner)-
Makin' port in old Borneo.

While out on the bounding main-
Watchin' tides ebb and flow-
You-who think I'm insane--
Will be wishin' you were where I go.

Betty C. Daniels

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Music: "Sailing, Sailing"
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