~ An Hour With You~

Sad Little Girl

I saw a child the other day,
She sat so still and didnít play.
Her lips were silent not a sound did she speak.
She sat in muted silence looking as if she could weep.

Blond hair surrounded such a beautiful face,
With sad little eyes just staring into space,
One look into her eyes and I saw great fear,
Lips tightly compressed, if she had spoken, what would I hear.

A lady came by took her by the hand,
Obediently she followed nearby to a waiting man.
What secrets lay hidden in her eyes?
Does the darkness of night bring forth her cries?

Is she loved and gently held?
Or does abuse mold her into an empty shell?
As I watched her slowly, walk away,
I bowed my head and for her, I did pray.

Lord protect this silent little one,
Let her remaining days be filled with fun,
When darkness falls today,
Let someone treat her in a kind and loving way.

Gayle Davis
August 17, 2001©

Child abuse is a horrible occurrence
Yet so many innocent little children suffer!!!!!!!



Music: "Somebody"
Original Midi By T. J. Moir
  Permission Granted