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Roses Are Red With Love

Two feel the touch of loving red roses,
Above their hearts a deep hush falls,
And they both voice ‘Oh how my love cries out,
Roses are red with love that calls.’

The deepness of sweet love engulfs each heart,
Heavenly bliss becomes inbred,
Setting aflame love’s passions that are part,
Of the crimson roses so red.

Beautiful hearts made to be together,
Patiently wait loves’ supposes,
Dreaming their life’s sweet possibilities,
Look o’er God’s lovely red roses.

While they’re feeling such burning love for one,
Which is deemed by God from Above,
Do they reach out for His beautiful dream,
And seek roses are red with love.

Violets of blue have sung their song plenty,
Roses are red with love ought be,
Unfolding tender petals of sweet tunes,
Oh what an ecstasy to see

Two loving hearts calling sweet red roses,
How sad if their bloom fades away,
Love deemed as a blessing by God’s Divine,
So near, yet so far is loves' day.

©Sondra McPherson
June 6, 2004

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